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June 17, 2019
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Give a look to get quick and easy ways to lose weight

A step towards healthy lifestyle includes cutting down the consumption of caffeine. It is not bad to have a cup of coffee once in a while but if you are drinking too much of caffeine it can cause calcium loss from the bones. It is necessary to control the caffeine intake under 300 mg each day in order to prevent the loss of calcium. It is to be kept in mind that beverages that include coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks and also hot chocolate have caffeine in it. If you are too addicted try to switch to half-decaffeinated coffee or a drink that is caffeine free like herbal tea, juice and water for sure. It is necessary to reduce the intake of sodium be it from food or other items. If a diet is high in salt that may cause lose bone density. To save yourself from this, one should follow a diet with low sodium and must increase the intake of food that has potassium in it. Reducing caffeine intake can also aid in quick and easy ways to lose weight.

Everything about osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that can cause a bone to turn weak and thin. The term itself means bones with pores and this type of bone is generally compressible like a sponge. There are people who are at high risks of getting this condition which includes women (especially after menopause), old people, people with ancestor history of the disease and people with thin and small frame body structure.

This is a regular question how can osteoporosis be treated? There are different people who will tell you many different theories about treating osteoporosis but the facts will stay hidden from you.

  • Include exercise in your daily routine. After menopause, it is necessary to have estrogen replacement therapy with reduced bone density.
  • People with a medical condition should add vitamin D to the diet. There are not many foods that contain Vitamin D, hence, it is easy to have the deficiency. The major way to get Vitamin D is sunlight, but it is not possible always to get an adequate amount of sunlight and for the same one has to depend on the food that he or she eats. Vitamin D containing food is listed below
  • Egg yolks, dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and soy products especially for those who avoid egg.
  • Fish such as sardines and tuna.

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