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June 17, 2019
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Typical risk factors and symptoms of lumbar compression fracture

The fracture of vertebrae due to compression of healthy and strong bones is very rare. Usually, Lumber compression fracture occurs in healthy vertebrae due to trauma. More often, compression fracture occurs in vertebra that is already weak. Among women in post menopausal stage, thinning of bones including vertebrae of spine take place due to setting in of osteoporosis process.  As a result, osteoporosis may render bones weak, thin and brittle and often prove to be a major risk factor for lumbar compression fracture.

In most cases, symptoms of lumbar fracture may appear suddenly as back pain that gets worsen on standing and walking. Though lying on back may reduce the intensity of pain yet patient feels lot of pain while getting up. Pain in back, arms and legs with numbness and/or weakness are one of the most prominent symptoms of lumber compression fracture. Over a period of time, one may notice height loss.

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